Install Gapps without a Custom Recovery or ADB

Read the whole guide before proceeding. 


Remember you are messing with your ROM files.

You are probably here because you don’t have a Custom Recovery or means push Gapps via ADB.

Don’t worry, I have the solution for you

❇ Method One: The easy way

Flash Gapps with Flash Gordon (XDA guide)

I tried this app but it didn’t work for me. That’s how I discovered the second method. 

 Method Two: The hard way

What you will be doing: 

When you flash the Zip file, shell commants are used to install and place files in their respective directories, here you will be doing it manually.

Tools needed:

 Gapps (not mine, found from this link) Make sure you have the correct file for your Android version. 

✴ Xplore File Manager (Root browser or any other root browser will work but I recommend Xplore)

    • Step One: 

    Change Super User access to  

    Superuser+Mount writable

    from preference

    • Step Two: 

    Depending on the you downloaded there will be files with your processor (arm, x84 etc and a Common folder too).

    img (ii)

    Extract the selected folders to a common place, (it’s OK to extract what you need as you go along too.)

     -Make sure you extract files from the folder with your CPU architecture-

    Irrespective of the file that you’ve downloaded those are the files that we need.

    • Step Three:

    Insall the .apk files from Gapps/system/apps and Gapps/system/priv-app folders 

    (you can skip apps like YouTube or Chrome if you want)

    • Step Four

    The apps you installed will be installed as as User Apps. 

    Now we have to make them System App

    Go to Root➡ data➡ app

     The apps will be installed in the folder like this:

    • Rename those folders to the corresponding name found in the file

    eg.: to Phonesky 

    Now to make them system files. 

    1. Move folders originally from “apps”  folder to  Root➡System➡app 
    2. Move folders originally from “privapps” to Root➡System➡Priv-app

    Now these apps are “System apps” (after reboot – don’t reboot now)

    • Step Five:

    Open Gapps/System/etc/permissons

    Select all of the files inside /permissions and move them to Root➡System➡etc➡permissons

    Replace if any files with the same name exists

    Make sure you dont replace the “permissons” folder itself. Only the files inside /permissions.

    • Step Five:

    Move files inside Gapps/system/framework to RootSystemframework

    Step Six: 

    Move files from Gapps/system/lib to Rootsystemlib

    Replace any files, if needed. 

    Step Seven: 

    Reboot and enjoy Google’s services!

    • Reboot will take a bit than normal, don’t worry. Unless of course something went wrong and your phone is bricked
    • M

      y play store was crashing once in a while, I rebooted my phone again its fine ever since

    • Step Eight:

    This step is optional; 

    After successful installing Gapps I found my play store was an old version. I updated play services via Store and couldn’t update play store. 

    If you want to update the app click here. (8.0.23)

    Please comment, if you need help. I’ll do what I can.